With or Without Kevin Spacey, “House of Cards” is Unwatchable Nonsense

By Grayson Quay

“House of Cards” hasn’t been good since season two, but I still binge-watched every season the weekend it came out. With season six on the way, I wasn’t about to break my streak.

After Kevin Spacey was fired following a series of sexual assault allegations that emerged after the show’s sixth season, the question on everyone’s minds was what the show would make of his absence.

Well, I have the answer. Season five featured Kevin Spacey and it was horrible. Season six did not feature Kevin Spacey and it’s just as bad.

Although Spacey’s inconsistent Southern accent and knowing glances at the camera do not grace the screen this season, Francis Underwood is about as absent as the runaway father whose portrait hangs on the wall in The Glass Menagerie.

The writers can’t seem to let him go. They even go so far as to have other characters recite his dialogue from previous seasons while listening to his “audio diary.” The audience, of course, doesn’t get to hear this diary directly, and this shoehorning tactic on the part of the writers seems like a rather forced way of keeping Francis present in his absence. We’re not allowed to enjoy the show (if such an …read more

Source:: The American Conservative

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