WikiLeaks Threatens to Sue CNN Who Issues Non-Apology Apology

By Dawn Gaye


Remember when fake news outlet CNN warned Americans that it is illegal to read the WikiLeaks emails?

And yet on all fake news outlets, aka mainstream media, they discuss the Russian hacking scandal, which WikiLeaks has abjectly denied.

Keep in mind that Wikileaks stories has 100 percent truth in reporting over a decade. Put another way, WikiLeaks has never reported a fake story in its entire existence.

I’d call the Russian hacking story debunked, under the weight of that evidence. So now CNN offered a new story.

Former Deputy Director of the CIA, Phil Mudd called Assange a “pedophile” during a CNN live segment. If Assange is a pedophile then the Ecuadoran government must be complicit, since Assange has been captive there for quite some time. Maybe ACORN is slipping in under-aged prostitutes for Assange’s guilty pleasures?

As stated on the Sean Hannity website:

The comment came last week when ex-CIA Deputy Director Phil Mudd said on CNN that “there’s an effort to protect WikiLeaks (and) a pedophile who lives in the Ecuadorian embassy in London” a clear reference to Assange, who has been living in the embassy for more than 4 years.

Hours after the segment aired on CNN, WikiLeaks threatened to sue the …read more

Source:: The Black