Why Free Speech Is In Serious Peril In America (And Not Just Because Of The Left)

By Contributing Author


If you asked most Americans whether or not they support free speech, the vast majority of them would say that they do. Even most Leftists would probably tell you that they support free speech, but in the same breath they would admit that it should have some limitations.

And that’s precisely the problem with Americans these days. They claim that they support the freedom to say whatever they want, but when asked how they feel about specific examples of speech that they don’t like, it’s obvious that they don’t actually believe in free speech. And though the Left is catching the most flak for being anti-free speech these days, it’s a problem on both sides of the political aisle.

That was made abundantly clear after YouGov polled Americans on how they felt about the prospect of shutting down news outlets that publish inaccurate stories.

A new YouGov poll shows that a wide plurality of Republicans would be willing to permit courts to “shut down news media outlets for publishing or broadcasting stories that are biased or inaccurate.” The numbers: 45% of Republicans would favor such a policy, and 35% say they haven’t heard enough to say. That means that just …read more

Source:: SHTFPlan.com