What’s Happening in America Is Beyond MSM’s Comprehension – QANON, The Storm, Etc.

By David Seaman

Trump monitors the International Space Station (ISS) on an unspecified mission back in Apr. 2017

The so-called ‘mainstream’ media is failing to cover the restoration of the United States and its economy that has coincided with Donald J. Trump’s 2016 US presidential election win.

At core, this failing is political – the mainstream media is an organ beholden to the Clinton Foundation, the Clintons, the Soros family, the Rothschilds and other criminal elements so bizarre that the label “conspiracy” is often used as a group tag for what is, instead, an incredibly real and complex global political superstructure.

John Podesta ultimately worked at the behest of the Rothschild banking clan, and as Podesta’s star fades rapidly, so too must the Rothschilds’ – these are truly horrible people. There’s a reason why the public was made to distrust ‘Russian hackers’ for the past 15 months; the elite have no other excuse for why their dirty laundry, in the …read more

Source:: Fulcrum News