What to do When God Takes You into the Wilderness

By David Bostrom

Christ in the Wilderness by Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoi (1872)

The Bible tells us that immediately after Jesus was baptized, the Spirit drove Him into the wilderness (Mk.1:12).

And there He was for 40 days…

Being tempted by Satan… while spending time with wild animals… and being ministered to by angels.

Now… why would the Holy Spirit lead Jesus into such a situation?

To prepare Him to live His life on earth totally oriented toward the kingdom of God… and the fulfilling of His mission.

We can tell this from what Jesus did after this time of testing…

He began to preach that everyone should repent because the kingdom was at hand.

Now if you think about this progression of events, you can find something very encouraging here…

Sometimes the Spirit will lead you into a hard place.

You will wonder why you are there. The situation might be crushing, and you may even wonder how you’ll survive.

But God didn’t lead you into the wilderness to ruin you.

He brought you there to test you and refine you and prepare you for a more a kingdom-oriented life.

Because it’s in those times of testing you must decide whether you’re going to trust in the worldly wisdom dangled in front of you by Satan, …read more

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