We Are All Going To Die!

By Cognitive Dissonance


We Are All Going To Die!


Cognitive Dissonance

This one is short and sweet folks. The subject alone could fill several books, so I decided to keep it contained to just a few……OK, five pages. With that in mind, I present the basic outline and ask you to let your imagination be your guide. One word of advice; if you find yourself triggered and defending not discussing or thinking about this subject (or screaming at me that you do) you just might be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

I have a motto, a proverb if you will, that neatly encapsulates the root and process of our insanity. It goes something like this…

“We are only as sick as our deepest darkest secrets.”

Those things we do not talk about, especially to ourselves (or if we do, in only the most superficial manner) point directly and inevitably to the root of our insanity.

And I use the word “talk” in its broadest possible sense and meaning because “We the Americans” can incessantly ‘talk’ about something and still never say a word about the actual subject matter.

A perfect example would be our utter obsession with all things ‘sex’, a subject we rarely speak about directly. Our …read more

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