WATCH: Confused #ProtectMueller Protester Doesn’t Know What He’s Protesting

By Tom Pappert

A man protesting the resignation of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, made at President Donald Trump’s request, was unable to clearly tell this Big League Politics writer why he was at the protest.

At the #ProtectMueller protest in Wichita, Kansas, one protester struggled to explain why he was protesting. The protest had been arranged months in advance by the powerful Democrat activist group MoveOn, and was part of a nationwide series of protests officially titled the “Nobody Is Above the Law – Mueller Protection Rapid Response.”

The protest was planned to spark nationwide action should President Trump do something MoveOn believes could threaten the integrity of Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference with the 2016 presidential election.

While live streaming the event to Facebook, I interviewed one man who struggled to explain his presence at the protest.

Poor NPC needs a patch, and fast!

Posted by God Emperor Trump on Thursday, November 8, 2018

The protester began, “I’m here because I’m upset with the… problem with the,” and after a long pause continued, “this morning, kicking out Jess Sessions, and putting in his place somebody who isn’t really, that hasn’t been confirmed by the Senate, so isn’t really legitimate to be in …read more


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