View From Your Table

By Rod Dreher

Toulon, France

The reader writes:

This isn’t your usual VFYT in Provence; it’s a piece of the American South in France. My husband, two children and I are visiting my husband’s grandmother in Toulon, France. She lives in a 150-year-old farmhouse, and we’re having Sunday lunch in her front yard under a recently deceased acacia tree. Grandma is an excellent cook, but today I’m at the helm and made chicken salad from a dear friend’s bonafide Church Lady potluck recipe. Those dark little muscadet grapes in the salad taste like heavenly rosewater sweetness. We had it with lovely croissants from the bakery (much cheaper here!), terrine de campagne, a nice rosé and my mother’s recipe for Cuban-style rice pudding.

Grandma is faster and sharper than you or me at 97 and still drives stick, paints and holds forth on any subject. It’s a 24-hour pilgrimage to get here from our home and we’re happy to make the trip. She’s kind of grandma who would invite all four grandchildren to spend summers with her and (now late) Grandpa every year–our living treasure. Bon appétit!

Adelaide, Australia

The reader writes:

Here’s a quick pic of the view from my table after brunch at a friend’s place in the …read more

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