VeTeRaN’S DaY 2016…

By williambanzai7

Today is veteran’s day.

Following Tuesday’s election result, I received a thank you email from, Ray Jason, a regular Zero Hedge reader who blogs under the nom de plume, the Sea Gypsy Philosopher.

He is also a Vietnam veteran.

Ray said a few very nice things and mentioned that he had written a post on Phan Thi Kim Phuc the “Napalm Girl” for which she later thanked him.

Many of you will recall my Napalm Girl mashup with the Droner in Chief blowing up in the background.

Naturally, this drew my immediate attention and I read the post. Although he wrote it three years ago when Obongo and the Neocon circus started banging on the Syria war drums like on MTV, it remains timely.

Timely because our newly minted President elect has held out the promise of exiling the Neocon war mongerers.

We mustn’t let him forget that many of us were initially attracted by this among other good reasons.

And we sure as hell should be asking why that Necon jackass John Bolton’s name has been showing up in reports of potential candidates for UN representative!

I asked if I could share Ray’s post here on Veteran’s Day and …read more

Source:: ZeroHedge