US Infantry Fighting Vehicles Appear In Northern Syria

By Tyler Durden US Infantry Fighting Vehicles Appear In Northern Syria

The Pentagon wasn’t bluffing, apparently, on its prior statements that mechanized units would be heading into Syria as part of Trump’s “secure the oil” plan.

Over the weekend multiple Bradley infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) were filmed leading convoys in around the northern cities of Tal Tamir and Kobani, escorting other armored vehicles along with infantry crew members. Syrian Kurdish and local media are mistakenly describing the armored Bradley M2 infantry fighting vehicles rumbling across the highways as “tanks”.

US Abrams or Bradley tanks crossed the city of #Tal_Tamir pass to #Kobani by M4 road

— MOHAMMED HASSAN (@MHJournalist) November 10, 2019

This as there continues to be reports of ‘mission confusion’ on the ground, given the scope of just what is to be secured on the ground is still in question — and though at first it was chiefly said to be ISIS the troops would be protecting the oil fields from, the latest Pentagon statements have named pro-Assad forces as well.

One Pentagon official was pressed during a briefing last Thursday over how a country’s …read more

Source:: Zero Hedge

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