Unrealistic Expectations About Russia

By Frank Vernuccio

Vladmir Putin, Prime Minister of Russia

Vladmir Putin, Prime Minister of Russia

There is a foreign policy conceit that affects all new American presidents, Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative. Despite the reality that nations retain roughly the same international goals for centuries, newly elected White House occupants seem to believe that somehow, some way, they can by charm or skill persuade foreign leaders to disregard the course of their history. Most Presidents realize the folly of that perception relatively quickly. Unfortunately, former President Obama utterly failed to learn the lesson throughout his entire tenure.

Relations with Russia will not change for the better merely because there has been a personnel change in the Oval Office. The Associated Press recently reported that “It would be challenging to reach common ground [between Russia and the U.S.] on some issues even if Trump and … Putin both want it, as the interests of Russia and of the United States differ sharply…”

President Trump has indicated that he is seeking better relations with his Kremlin counterpart. The intention may be commendable, but the reality is it will not occur. Russia will only reduce its aggressive tactics if it is compelled to do so by powerful economic or military …read more

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