Gestapoogle Enforces Via YouTube and AdSense

This story originally linked to a video on YouTube detailing an Antifa document outlining the anti-everything philosophy of this seditious artificial turf anarchist/communist/socialist/fascist hate machine.

Of course, YouTube forced the video off its site. The link went dead. Which, the other branch of Google’s Gestapo — AdSense — noticed on my page. We received an “AdSense violation” notice from Gestapoogle telling us we needed to resolve this. This story now serves as the resolution.

We need to start fighting the Gestapoogle. It’s become too big and important to the internet in regards to video and monetization. Time for some anti-trust work. Attention: Jeff Sessions!

Here’s the original text.

A document discovered at Evergreen State College reveals the inner thinking and insanity of ANTIFA.

The irony is that an “anti-Fascist” organization wants to ban all types of thinking, labeling, free speech, etc. The authoritarian nature of the manifesto is close to being a comedy. Unfortunately, it’s extremely dangerous and effective when filtered through the media the weak-minded and those who haven’t taken the “red pill.”