Unhinged Leftie Hack Files Lawsuit Full of Lies and Bogus Accusations Against Gateway Pundit, Alex Jones, Allen West, Lee Stranahan, etc.

By Jim Hoft

This is rich.
So unhinged leftie hack and State Department employee Brennan Gilmore traveled to Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12, 2017 to counter protest a group of white supremacists defending a Confederate statue in the city.

Gilmore filmed Alex Fields Jr. drive his car into a group of counter protesters marching in the street.
Gilmore was then interviewed on several far left mainstream media outlets about the events in Charlottesville.

But Mr. Gilmore did not mention his work with the State Department, his far left activism or his extreme Trump hatred.

Here is Mr. Gilmore on the record at “Blue Virginia.”

The Gateway Pundit posted on Brennan Gilmore here.

The Gateway Pundit — along with Alex Jones, Allen West, Lee Stranahan, Infowars reporter LeeAnn McAdoo, Derrick Wilburn and others — are being sued by Mr. Gilmore.
Here is the court document.

We are reposting the article so you can see what we reported on Mr. Gilmore:
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