Turks Want Syrian Refugees Out of Their Country

By Daniel Greenfield

Not all that long ago the media insisted on telling Americans that they were shirking their responsibility by not taking in Syrian migrants.

“Look at how many millions of Syrian refugees the Turks and Jordanians have taken in,” the media would insist.

These were crazy lies.

Jordan and Turkey were stuck with large numbers of Syrians, but neither was willing to take them in. Turkey wouldn’t even classify them as refugees. They certainly weren’t doing what the media wanted us to do, which was resettle them permanently in their countries.

Fast forward to today and the populace wants them gone, as Tom Gross cites.

In a poll conducted earlier this year, 68% of Turkish respondents expressed discontent with the Syrian presence, compared to 58% in 2016.

Turks are sharply divided on many issues, with one bloc tending to oppose President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s policies and an equal-size bloc ardently supporting him. Yet dissatisfaction with the decision to welcome Syrian refugees since 2011 is a rare exception to that rule, garnering majority criticism across party lines. Around 60% of those who back Erdogan’s governing Justice and Development Party (AKP) express discontent with the Syrian presence, together with 64% from the AKP-allied Nationalist Action Party (MHP); …read more

Source:: FrontPageMag

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