Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Brash Anti-White Illegal Immigrant (video)

By Ethan Sabo

Memo to white Americans: you are hated. And the people who have made you hated are other white Americans, known as Leftist Liberal brain-dead zombies.

In order to assuage their guilt, these elitist bourgeois cocktail-sippers pretend to care about the “little people.” The little people include blacks, Latinos, let’s just call them “coloreds.” Further elites think of themselves as better than their gender as they protect the lowly gays, women, and “other” people who are ruled by their gentalia.

In this case we have one of the newly minted hate-mongers, Jose Antonio Vargas, a creation of the white elite. Vargas, an illegal alien and host of the anti-white MTV Show “White People”, opined to Megyn Kelly back in 2015 that the US has spent too much on border security. He suggested this money could be better spent elsewhere.

Recently Vargas appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show, where Tucker asked Vargas,

What would happen if I showed up in the Philippines as a non-citizen there illegally and I started saying, ‘Hey Philippines, I hate your immigration policy and by the way I think you’re racist for not liking me, and I think I’ll file some illegal lawsuits against you and just be quiet and …read more

Source:: The Black Sphere.net