Truth News Headlines Evening March 2, 2018

By Our Spirit

air raid siren

1,200 Illegal Aliens From Honduras March Unimpeded Through Mexico Toward U.S. Border


Just a reminder how Obama dealt with a similar situation back in 2015:

National Guard troops sent to the Texas-Mexico border to stay indefinitely


Higher! Trump’s approval rating better than Obama’s at same point in presidencies


Susan Rice Joins Netflix…In Spite of Benghazi Cover-Up and Unmasking Scandal


NIKOLAS CRUZ Needs Our Help! Clearly he’s been framed. Has anyone thought about that?


Guess who we found on the SES payroll?
J. B. Sessions III

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III


Even judges on the Supreme Court are SES indoctrinated. We already showed you Scalia’s SES connection…here’s another one.

Samual A. Alito, Jr.

p. 106


The executive bureaucracy, Congress, and the courts (all the way to the Supreme Court) are filled with SES players. Even your state will have infiltration of this SS-type organization. They are world wide and could be lurking in your country’s government. Time to out them globally.

This is why the only way to clean up Washington is with military tribunals. We need to clean house and reduce the size of the federal government which has proven to us that they do not know how to operate our country under the U.S. …read more

Source:: American Intelligence Media