Truth News Headlines April 2, 2018

By Our Spirit

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April is Senior Executive Services Awareness Month
The Audio Kick-Off


Trump demands ‘nuclear option’ and ‘no more DACA deal’


Jeff Sessions is an enemy of the state.

Here is the rock solid proof of how he sold out America in the Uranium One Deal.

We are keeping a rap sheet on Mr. Magoo. Check here for updates.


Tom Fitton Says What We Are All Thinking: “President Trump Should Consider Using the Military to Secure Our Borders”


Sunday Talks – Maria Bartiromo Interviews Darryl Issa


Big shout out to Bronnie from New Zealand who has created these blog posts to educate and enlighten her audience. Think about that for a minute, folks here in the United States. Here is a patriot a world away from America who cares as much about world peace as do we all in this truth community.

We cannot rely on the main stream media to enlighten citizens of the world. And, painfully, we are realizing that many in the alternative media are shills for the enemy. There is no cavalry of white hats coming to save us, folks.

Hope that Bronnie’s work below will inspire you to become a truth warrior.

FAKE Q identified. TRUE Q …read more

Source:: American Intelligence Media