President Elect Trump

Trump’s Agenda: Here’s What Needs to Happen Right Away

Pray you have the stamina of president-elect Donald Trump. The man campaigned like a machine over the past couple of weeks and dragged election night into the wee ours. He’s 70 years old.

Despite a late election night, Trump has little time to sit back and celebrate. He immediately dove into transition mode.


1. Carefully assemble a cabinet of OUTSIDERS: Trump must avoid hiring neo-cons and other Establishment types who are going to fill his mind — albeit an independent one — with bad ideas.

Newt Gingrich should be handled cautiously. He cannot be trusted. Newt, is about Newt.

Chris Christie is worthless as a governor, but might be well-suited for Attorney General.

Bob Corker, another member of Trump’s team, is an idiot who traded treaty powers to Obama over the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal. Another globalist tool. He’s pro TPP and shouldn’t be allowed anywhere within earshot of Trump.

Jeff Sessions is among the best of Trump’s campaign members. He could be Secretary of State, Defense Secretary or head up Homeland Security.

Rudy Giuliani would be a great fit at either Attorney General or head of Homeland Security. Milwaukee County Sherriff David Clarke would make an excellent Homeland boss.

Steven Mnuchin could be chosen to lead the Treasury department. He’s a former Goldman Sachs exec. Goldman Sachs is part of the overall globalist cabal currently attempting to enslave all of us. Unless Mnuchin has inside baseball intel on the globalists, he’s not to be trusted. On the bright side, he’s not a fan of Dodd-Frank, but what banker would be?

Lt. General Mike Flynn should continue in an up-close role for Trump. He could lead a multitude of national defense-oriented positions inside the administration. But he’ll help keep Trump on plan strategically, tactically and politically.

— Trump campaign CEO Steven K. Bannon — helped sharpen Trump’s speaking and messaging and contributed mightily to the campaign’s successful stretch run. Bannon should continue to whisper in Trump’s ear. He’s an important non-Establishment voice who will keep Trump from straying from his anti-establishment positions. Bannon could be Chief of Staff.

2. Immediately reach out of Vladimir Putin about Syria: Prevent the Obama Administration and the Globalists from creating a global conflagration between now and Jan. 20th. The Globalists will practice scorched earth policies to make Trump’s presidency as difficult as possible.

Trump should say to Putin: Take a break on military action in Syria. Once I’m in office, we’ll work together to stomp on ISIS once and for all. We’ll discuss Syria and Assad and also the Ukraine, which experienced an Obama and Globalist-backed velvet coup.

3. Hold a ‘Come to Jesus’ with Ryan and McConnell: Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell need to be brought to heel immediately by announcing he’s not going to put up with Establishment business-as-usual. The GOP-led Congress will WORRY that Trump will stem their private enrichment program.

4. Immediately demand resignations: James Comey and Loretta Lynch should be fired immediately.

5. Get ahead of a planned economic attack: The globalists — who will hedge their bets by shorting world stock markets — will intentionally crash the world’s economy to punish the American and British people for Trump and Brexit. They’ll want to set an example that populism and nationalism are not economically sustainable. They are wrong of course, but people still voted for Hillary despite overwhelming evidence of her corruption and criminal activities.