Trump Election Mandate: Statistics the Media Will Never Discuss

By Kevin Jackson


The Left now complain about the popular vote, as if the rules in presidential elections suddenly changed.

These whiners could have a ham under each arm, and would complain they didn’t have biscuits.

Liberals lose badly. And they had become so accustom to winning, they figured they’d never lose again. Keep in mind, post-Obama, the Democrats have been beaten like rapist at the nudist colony.

They’ve lost state houses, governorships, the House, the Senate, and now the presidency. But ask them, and they report, “We’re on the right path.”

Obama couldn’t have been a better president for Republicans if he were a Republican plant, hired to infiltrate and ruin the Democrats.

After pulling out all the stops, Barack Obama couldn’t drag Hillary Clinton tread-worn carcass across the finish line, legitimately. So all that remains is for the Left to complain about the process.

“Clinton won the popular vote!”, they protest.

No argument from the winners. Here’s Hillary’s 2nd Place trophy.

Unfortunately what Hillary Clinton accomplished doesn’t get you the presidency.

There is a reason for the electoral college, and Donald Trump’s shellacking of Hillary Clinton can be shown in the real election numbers.

The Associated Press finds that Clinton won 487 counties nationwide, compared with 2,626 for President-elect Donald Trump. …read more

Source:: The Black