Trump De-Certifies Iran Deal, Asks Congress To Impose Sanctions “Trigger Points”

By Tyler Durden

Update (11:40 am ET): As expected, Trump has confirmed that the White House wants to leave the Iran deal intact – for now, at least. In its official announcement, the administration said it plans to decertify the Iran nuclear deal on Oct. 15, but instead of withdrawing from the pact, it will punt the issue to Congress. Most of the official announcement was not unexpected. However, in one notable development, the administration said it would push Congress to amend US law to adopt sanctions “triggers” – such as evidence that Iran has come within one year of building a bomb. By endorsing triggers, Trump is effectively endorsing the Corker-Cotton plan for strengthening scrutiny against Iran – an amusing coincidence given Trump’s recent spat with Senator Bob Corker.

Other trigger points could include future ballistic missile launches or a refusal to restrict its fuel production.

However, as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson noted, it’s entirely possible that Congress will choose to do nothing and leave the current deal intact.

Trump will also direct Treasury Dept to target Iranian Revolutionary Guard members with sanctions

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Source:: ZeroHedge