Trade War Round 2: US Releases China Tariff List Targeting 1,300 Products

By Tyler Durden

Assuring that a second retaliation by China in the escalating trade war is just a matter of days if not hours, moments ago the US Trade Representative released a list of Chinese product subject to 25% tariffs as part of Trump’s Section 301 crackdown on Beijing Intellectual Property abuses, focusing on high tech products.

The list covers about 1,300 tariff lines, or 44 pages, the USTR said, referring to a system of codes used to categorize products. It added that the value of the list is approximately $50 billion in terms of estimated annual trade value for calendar year 2018, a level which is “appropriate both in light of the estimated harm to the U.S. economy, and to obtain elimination of China’s harmful acts, policies, and practices.”

Some example of are shown below:

The list of products included in the USTR list, lines up with technologies China identified in its “Made in China 2025” strategy, White House trade adviser Peter Navarro told Bloomberg Television on March 28.

“China, in my view, brazenly has released this China 2025 plan that basically told the rest of the world, ‘We’re going to dominate every single emerging industry of the future, and therefore your economies …read more

Source:: ZeroHedge