Tom Steyer Spent $344,827.59 Per Vote to Consider Impeachment

By Brent Scher

Despite liberal billionaire Tom Steyer’s $20 million campaign calling for President Donald Trump to be impeached, a congressional resolution to consider impeachment received just 58 votes, bringing Steyer’s bill to $344,827.59 per vote.

Steyer’s campaign—made up of television ads, two billboard signs in New York City’s Time Square, and a website—has been backed by at least $20 million in spending. Steyer has insisted on doubling down on the movement to impeach despite the suggestions of Democratic leaders such as Rep. Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), who called the movement to impeach Trump a “distraction.”

The impact of Steyer’s campaign was put to the test on Wednesday when Rep. Al Green (D., Texas) introduced articles of impeachment and the House voted overwhelmingly to kill the resolution. Just 58 members of the 435 member body voted against killing Green’s resolution. There were 364 members—including 126 Democrats—who voted to table Green’s resolution.

This is not the first time Steyer has unsuccessfully piled money into a political effort. Steyer was the biggest individual spender in 2016 and was labeled the “biggest loser” of the …read more

Source:: Washington Free Beacon