Tom Fitton Sues For ALL Anthony Weiner Laptop Emails

By Patrick Howley

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton is suing for all of the Anthony Weiner emails that the government possesses.

As observers in Washington look at the fading Robert Mueller investigation, one thing is clear: the Operation Crossfire Hurricane team went to great lengths to cover up Weiner and Huma’s emails during Weiner’s sex abuse trial.

Here is Fitton’s video announcement, followed by our reporting on how Peter Strzok used his FBI badge to personally cover up the Weiner investigation:

Big League Politics reported:

FBI agent Peter Strzok secretly manipulated the warrant to search Anthony Weiner’s laptop in order to protect Hillary Clinton from prosecution.

Strzok was the main operative in the Operation Crossfire Hurricane plot to doom President Donald Trump. So of course he was assigned to handle the revelation that Huma Abedin’s husband Anthony Weiner had thousands of classified Hillary Clinton emails on his laptop, which were discovered in the course of an NYPD investigation into his sexual interactions with a minor, for which Weiner is now in prison.

Chuck Marler, longtime former FBI Special Surveillance Group member and current whistleblower against Robert Mueller, explained to Big League Politics exactly how Strzok made sure to protect Hillary Clinton:

“On October 29, 2016 Strzok broke FBI policy …read more


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