Time For Détente With North Korea

By Tyler Durden

Authored by Robert McCoy via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

While the military and political environments on the Korean Peninsula have evolved, American policy towards the North has not changed since 1991

North Korea’s Hwasong-14 ICBM. Photo: KCNA via Reuters

The reality is North Korea has nuclear weapons – perhaps thermonuclear bombs – and they are probably miniaturized enough to fit atop its missiles, one of which will soon be, if not already, able to reach all parts of the continental United States.

Washington missed an opportunity for a preventive strike that would have stopped the North Korean nuclear effort – or at least seriously set it back – in 1994.

The decision to not take action was based on the advice of a former US president who believed that the United States would be able to successfully negotiate with Pyongyang.

And by relying upon diplomacy to deal with Pyongyang during that time, Washington has failed to get North Korea to cease developing nuclear weapons, and now to give them up.

The state of affairs can now be summarized as the three “no’s” of North Korea:

First, as Pyongyang has stated on many occasions, there will no negotiating away its nuclear weapons or missiles.

Second, there will …read more

Source:: ZeroHedge