This Will Be The Hottest Commodity of 2018

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We’re facing an imminent crisis in global lithium markets. Demand is growing exponentially, and lithium consumers are facing a 100,000-ton shortfall by 2025.

Traditional lithium brine projects take too long to put into production. At up to 48 months, they won’t be able to close the supply gap on their own.

The industry is turning to high grade, hard rock lithium pegmatite deposits. That’s why Power Metals Corp (TSXV:PWM.V; OTC:PWRMF) is becoming a critical stock to follow.

They’ve recruited the world’s top lithium pegmatite expert and invested in next generation 3D modelling for what could be the largest drill campaign of its kind for lithium today.

With results expected in a matter of months and a fully funded ongoing drill program – Power Metals is the biggest, under the radar lithium story to watch for 2018 and beyond.

Here are 5 reasons why you should keep your eye on Power Metals (TSXV:PWM.V; OTC:PWRMF)

Runaway Lithium Prices.
The New Opportunity In “Hard Rock” Lithium.
Exciting Exploration Play.
Their Secret Weapon: The Queen Of Lithium Pegmatite.
Incredible Ontario Tax Advantages.

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