This Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack Survivor Wants to Buy Trump a BEER!

By Amy Moreno

We know that President Trump has more courage than Obama ever did, but now, as this Syrian refugee points out, Trump also has more heart.

These comments came after President Trump launched his second air attack against Syria military targets in retaliation for yet another chemical attack on the people of Syria.

The Syrian refugee also said that he’d like to take President Trump out and buy him a beer.

From Town Hall

Kassem Eid survived the 2013 Syrian chemical attack and for nearly two years lived in a constant state of war and violence. As a refugee in America, his heart longs for peace in his home land. After years of President Obama’s reluctance to intervene in Syria, Eid is thrilled that President Trump is finally helping the Syrian people. Specifically on CNN yesterday, Eid said he would love to buy Trump a beer and sit down with him to explain just how badly the situation is in Syria.

From CNN:

“I just want to tell Mr. Trump directly: I’m a Syrian refugee who survived chemical weapons attacks, who lived under two years of siege and bombardment by the government,” Eid said. “I would love to, like, buy you a …read more

Source:: Truthfeed