This day in WND history: HBO series takes ironic smack at WND


HBO series takes ironic smack at WND

Aug. 12, 2013: WND reported how the HBO series “The Newsroom” actually faked a news story to portray the real-life news site WND as fabricating the news.

Fake news story displayed in season 2, episode 5 of HBO’s “The Newsroom.” (First aired Sunday 8/11/13)

“The Newsroom” TV series, which starred Jeff Daniels as the main anchor for Atlantic Cable News, centered on the everyday exploits of network TV journalists.

In its fifth episode of the season, the plot had its executive producer Don Keefer (played by actor Thomas Sadowski) dealing with an out-of-control joke about an Obama appointee that supposedly was taken seriously by WND.

“The Newsroom” used real WND graphics to forge its fabricated story whenever it displayed the site’s content on the air.

In the storyline, Keefer said he never called any WND editor, not even being sure whether the news agency would even have an editor.

When urged by a colleague to call WND, Keefer does so, saying, “I’m calling a guy named Munch. I’m not gonna make it out of this call alive.”

“I was just being hyperbolic,” Keefer tells Munch (who, in reality, did not exist at WND). “I didn’t think there was any …read more

Source:: World Net Daily