These Guys Are Destroying Uber (Yet Few Westerners Have Ever Heard Of Them)

By Tyler Durden

Via Peter K of,

I’m visiting my brother in Indonesia right now.

Being a good host, he was fixing us vodka martinis, when he realized he ran out of olives.

Both of his drivers had finished for the day so I was expecting him to compromise on the olives.

No need.

He loaded up a mobile phone app and ordered a jar of olives.

Fifteen minutes later there was a knock on the door and a guy was there with a jar of olives… at the regular retail price, with zero additional charge for delivery.

Later that evening we went out to a bar and needed transportation.

Again, Tony jumped on his app, and within seconds we had an awaiting vehicle outside his house.

It cost 75 CENTS to be driven in style to the bar, and another 75 cents to be driven back again.

In the downstairs office of his house, I noticed a massage table and asked his wife about it. “We occasionally order a massage from time to time from the app. It costs almost nothing.”

By “almost nothing” she meant $7 an hour for a professional massage – in your home.

The app is called “Go-Jek”, and it offers everything you could want: car, motor bike …read more

Source:: ZeroHedge