There is no excuse for this level of rudeness from a Representative of the United States Congress! [Video]

By Allen West Republic

[VIDEO] There is no excuse for the level of rudeness that Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee used against Attorney General Jeff Sessions in hearings today. To say that her tone was badgering would be a disservice to badgers everywhere. All she was really trying to do was get her narrative out there and belittle the Attorney General of the United States.

The question had to do with Mr. Sessions knowledge, or lack thereof, of any attempts by the Trump staff to use the Russians to affect the Presidential election. Jeff Sessions comported himself as a gentleman. It could be that as a former Senator, he is used to these sorts of behaviors, and came prepared to handle them. There are not many who would be as graceful as the Attorney General was. Kudos!

As Written By Amber Athey for the Daily Caller:

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee was silenced during Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Tuesday testimony when she refused to let him answer a question.

During a House Judiciary Hearing with Sessions, Jackson Lee asked the AG if he stood by his previous testimony in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. The Democratic lawmaker’s awkwardly phrased and roundabout question required Sessions to ask her to …read more

Source:: Allen West Republic