There are SEVEN real, hard reasons Hillary lost the election

By Allen West Republic

There have been many reasons floated as to who or what is to blame for the defeat of Hillary Clinton. One of the top reasons floated was the investigation re-opened by FBI Director James Comey. Then there were the phobias: Homophobic, Islamophobice, trannyphobic, sexaphobic, and more. Besides corruption, white men, and alt-righters, Eric Golub comes up with some you need to think about. Read on.

As Written By Eric Golub for Communities Digital News:

Many Hillary Clinton supporters still have not figured out why she lost the election. The most ludicrous excuse is racism, the silly notion that white backlash against a black president hurt her.

Those advancing the “whitelash” narrative have no explanation for why many white voters who voted for Barack Obama twice chose Donald Trump in 2016. Despite carrying hot sauce in her purse and speaking in a fake Southern accent, Hillary Clinton is actually a wealthy white Caucasian from a wealthy white background.

She is as black as Rachel Dolezal.

Sexism and the popular vote can also be discounted as unserious rantings from the perpetually aggrieved victim class. Even climate change cannot be blamed, since unseasonably warm weather in North Carolina and other areas actually should have helped her turnout rather …read more

Source:: Allen West Republic