The kleptocracy versus the country

By Craige McMillan

There’s a reason the airlines brief passengers that, “in the event of depressurization … put your own oxygen mask on before helping others.”

The reason is that at 40,000 feet your span of consciousness without supplemental oxygen is about 15 seconds. At that point it’s “lights out, baby,” and you can’t help anybody.

Washington, D.C., has been a high-flying whorehouse for a long time now. In fact, those of us in the rest of the nation could be excused for slowly coming to believe that our government is nothing more than a sexually dysfunctional, inbred organization designed for raping and plundering the rest of us.

That’s the real reason for the visceral reaction to President Donald Trump. They don’t like him.

Maybe it’s time to let the dysfunctional D.C. kleptocrats in on a little secret. Donald Trump is president because we don’t like you.

Following the 2016 elections, Airship D.C. taxied for takeoff. It rolled down the runway and became airborne on Jan. 20, 2017. The aircraft took off erratically and then struggled to reach cruise altitude. Perhaps that was became the cockpit crew were having the same arguments the passengers were having. The engines failed after they ingested a flock of Twitter tweets.

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Source:: World Net Daily