The Identity Politics Disintegration

By Greg Scandlen

Black Bloc Antifa protesters at the Trump Inauguration.

When the Soviet Union broke up the many Americans who supported the regime, or were at least sympathetic to its goals, did not just disappear off the face of the earth. Instead, they burrowed into federal agencies, the arts, and especially education, where they softened their tone a bit and called themselves Progressives, but they continued to advance the Marxist agenda in every way possible. That agenda is every bit as anti-Capitalist (and therefore, anti-American) today as it was in the Soviet heyday. A generation later we are seeing the fruits of these labors.

Too many of my conservative/traditionalist friends shake their heads in disbelief about the state of discourse in the country these days, especially on the campuses. It all seems so outlandish that it is almost comical. They are making a big mistake if they dismiss it.

My friends comfort themselves with bromides like, “Just wait ‘till these college kids get out in the real world. Then they’ll find out what‘s expected of them.” These college kids have already been getting out in the real world for some twenty years and they are transforming corporate America. Twenty years ago they may have found …read more

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