The Dark Ages of Jeff Sessions

By Editor

Jeff Sessions

By Roger Stone

It’s bad enough that Trump Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions has recused himself on both the question of Russian collusion as well as an investigation into Uranium One or the skullduggery of the Obama Justice Department in the ever greedy Clintons. Sessions has also failed to bring any prosecutions despite the largest illegal expansion of unconstitutional surveillance in the history of the US government which took place under Obama’s NSA and was documented by the super-secret FISA court.

Despite President Donald Trump’s very clear inconsistent support for states’ rights on the matter of legalizing marijuana Sessions has lobbied the Congress to remove restrictions against his waging a crackdown on state legalized cannabis.

This despite the fact that opioid death, opioid-related crimes, and opioid-related incidents have all drop dramatically in the states where marijuana has been legalized. Dinosaurs like Sessions refuse to admit that all the war on drugs has yielded is destroyed lives in families cut in the multibillion-dollar bill for the trial and incarceration of millions of Americans for the nonviolent crime of drug possession none of which has had any effect in slowing drug abuse and drug-related crime. By any measure, the war on drugs is an ignominious failure.

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