The Bet on Trump Is Already Paying Off

By Tiffany Layne


When I was growing up my great-grandmother used to wash her tin-foil and reuse it several times before she would toss it in the trash.

When I questioned her quirky behavior, my mother proudly said, as if my great grandmother’s survival were a badge of honor.

“She lived through the Depression.”

It was.

Speaking of survival, her waffle iron still works. Believe it or not, I still use it on Sunday mornings to cook for my family.

My great grandmother came from a time when things were built to last. My great-grandparents even resoled their shoes several times before getting new ones.

Things have changed.

We now live in time of plenty, thus a time of waste. We save little. So if your shoe has a scuff; toss it. Toaster on the fritz? Gone. There’s always the store of more.

Our government is no different. As we’ve learned under Obama, if you’re running low on money, just print some.

The government preaches, “reduce, reuse and recycle.” Yet they don’t comply.

Government lies to the public, then use our tax dollars for the cover-up. If government breaks the rules, they just change them. If government policies fall short of expectations, who cares!

“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor…period.”

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Source:: The Black