The antidote for anxiety in a crisis-filled world

By Myra Adams

Everyone is feeling anxious these days due to a continuous stream of catastrophic events and disasters both natural and man-made. Moreover, threats of world war, cyberattacks and terrorism coupled with an eroding trust in leadership result in a 24/7 crisis mode as the “new normal.”

Leaping from one breaking news alert to the next reminds me of that “whack-a-mole” arcade game when toy moles randomly pop-up faster than you can slam them with a rubber mallet. After a few rounds of fierce action, the game frays your nerves. But, unlike whack-a-mole, we can’t just whack and walk away from endless crises because there are no safe places to hide.

Over the last few years, concert venues, movie theaters, nightclubs, sporting events, shopping areas, public transportation, airplanes, office buildings, sidewalks, places of worship, college campuses and even elementary schools have been the scene of attacks. All that raises the question, “Where does one find comfort when our nation and the world appears to be spinning out of control?”

People with faith in the Lord already know the answer. However, if you are not among that group, here is a simple remedy that will quickly inject some order and calm into your heart and soul …read more

Source:: World Net Daily