Talking Global Macro Investing With A 25-Year Market Veteran

By Capitalist Exploits

By Chris at

If you were rich, successful, and intelligent – which often, not always, go hand in hand together – where would you live?

The last time I was in the Rockies, I remember thinking to myself. You know what, if it weren’t for the fact it’s so damn far from the beach I could actually live here. It’s really quite lovely. Bite-your-hand-to-stop-you-from-crying-out-loud-lovely and if, like me, you’re a sucker for snowboarding, then it’s pretty hard to be disappointed.

After having just spent a few days of pure bliss (uninterrupted sunshine with zero wind) skiing on this baby in New Zealand, I can certainly appreciate living in Vail.

Maybe that’s why Julian Brigden, the co-founder of Macro Intelligence 2 Partners, lives there. I’ve never asked him about it, but I did ask him a bunch of other questions which I share with you today.

The quick and dirty on Julian’s background:

He’s accumulated 25 years of experience in financial markets. From 1999 to 2004, he was with Medley Global Advisors, a macro policy intelligence firm. Then from 2004 through 2011, Julian served as North American Head of Hedge Fund Sales at Crédit Agricole.

He has worked in London, Zurich, New York, …read more

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