Syrian Regime Change: a 70-Year Project

By WashingtonsBlog

You may assume that the idea of kicking out Syrian dictator Assad is a recent idea stemming from his brutal crackdowns on protestors starting in March 2011.

But the truth is that it is a 70-year old project …

The CIA backed a right-wing coup in Syria in 1949. A CIA officer involved in the coup has written several books about it.

Douglas Little, Professor, Department of Clark University History professor Douglas Little notes:

Recently declassified records… confirm that beginning on November 30, 1948, [CIA operative Stephen] Meade met secretly with Colonel Zaim at least six times to discuss the “possibility [of an] army supported dictatorship.” [“Cold War and Covert Action: The United States and Syria, 1945-1958,” Middle East Journal, Winter 1990, p. 55]


As early as 1949, this newly independent Arab republic was an important staging ground for the CIA’s earliest experiments in covert action.

The CIA secretly encouraged a right-wing military coup in 1949.

The reason the U.S. initiated the coup? Little explains:

In late 1945, the Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO) announced plans to construct the Trans-Arabian Pipe Line (TAPLINE) from Saudi Arabia to the Mediterra- nean. With U.S. help, ARAMCO secured rights-of-way from …read more