Swiss Flush $3 Million In Gold And Silver Down The Drain Every Year

By Tyler Durden

When it comes to flushing valuables down the toilet, the Swiss are hardly “Austrians”, and appear to be equity-opportunity dumpers, whether it is fiat or hard money.

Last month we reported that Switzerland was gripped in a mystery, after it was discovered that someone tried to flush $120,000 in €500 bills down the toilet in a bathroom close to a UBS bank vault as well as three nearby restaurants, which in turn clogged the local toilets requiring thousands of francs in plumbing repairs to unclog the pipes.

However, it’s not just paper currency that gets flushed down the toilet in the world’s wealthiest nation, and as it turns out Switzerland’s waste water is far more precious than it smells.

According to Reuters, last year researchers from the National Eawag Water Research Institute detected 3 tonnes of silver and 43 kg of gold in sludge extracted from the country’s waste water treatment plants, totalling roughly 3 million Swiss francs, or just over $3.1 million. However, unlike the cash flushing mystery, the source of the golden effluent is far less exciting: the government study said the tiny particles were likely to be mostly from the watchmaking, pharmaceuticals and chemical industries, which …read more

Source:: ZeroHedge