Successful … and depressed! Here’s why!

By Paul Bremmer

Burning money

It’s a tired old saying: “Money can’t buy happiness.”

But why does it seem to have the exact opposite effect and buy misery for so many people?

Why do so many rich and famous entertainers turn to drugs, alcohol or even suicide in some cases?

According to personal financial manager Jody Tallal, it all starts with understanding the human need for boundaries.

“We are creatures that are very comfortable by defined boundaries,” Tallal said during a recent appearance on “Caravan to Midnight.”

“We’re given boundaries as children, if we’re raised properly. We know what we’re allowed to do and what we’re not allowed to do, and if we cross the boundary we’re promptly reprimanded and we get back inside. That creates safety.”

Once children grow into adults, their boundaries in life are defined by money, Tallal noted.

“Each of us that are working are getting money, and that defines who we are financially – what kind of home we can live in, what kind of car we can drive, where we can eat at restaurants and when – and we all want more,” he said. “That’s a natural thing. We all want more, so we daydream, and we dream about all these things – ‘If I could …read more

Source:: World Net Daily