Texas Voting Machines Switch Votes

Stealing the Election: Evidence of Vote Fixing Emerges

During the 2012 Presidential Election, several precincts in Pennsylvania and Ohio reported voting totals where Barack Hussein Obama received 100 percent of the vote.

How is that even statistically possible? Romney won the majority of counties in Pennsylvania and lost the vote because Philly and its suburbs acted in a questionable fashion. Of course, none of this ever gets called out by the media or officials.

And so it’s clear the Dems targeted Ohio and Pennsylvania as the most important swing states in 2012. This time around, they’re going for Texas and Florida.

Reports are flying in from all over Texas about electronic voting glitches. Several precincts switched to paper ballots — albeit temporarily — due to the errors. And in Florida, Roger Stone reported on the Alex Jones radio show that Hillary had a Bill-Meets-the-Attorney-General-on-the-Tarmac meeting with election boss Brena Snipes. Wonder if they just talked about their families.

Of course, Broward County carries much of the population for Florida and thus controls the state.

We can complain all we want, but when you see Project Veritas capturing Democrat operatives who boast about owning the media and courts you wonder if there’s any hope at stopping this. Additionally, GOP operatives will likely turn a bling eye at polling stations based on the fact that the RNC has supported Donald Trump with ONE DIME campaign dollars. (Although the Tennessee GOP seems quite active on Twitter as you will see below).

The fix is in folks.

Here’s the reports from Twitter.

The question must now to turn to: What do we do if Hillary is sworn in and the corruption stares us right in the face?