Sorry, Neil deGrasse Tyson, But We’ve Done Amazing Things Since The Moon Landing

By David Harsanyi

In 1927 Lindbergh flew from NY to Paris. 45 yrs later, in 1972 we last walked on the Moon. 45 yrs later, in 2017 we… we… we…

— Neil deGrasse Tyson (@neiltyson) January 16, 2017

Well … “we” did cut extreme poverty in at least half, which might be mankind’s most consequential achievement. In 1980, 42.6 percent of world population was living in extreme poverty, but because of economic reforms and an array of technological advances, 16.9 percent of world population now does—and the number is shrinking fast.

That’s better than any moon walk.

Maybe deGrasse Tyson is aiming this comment only at the United States. Since 1972, life expectancy here is up 11 percent (where it was always relatively high) and infant survival is up 69 percent. We’ve create technology that’s revolutionized food production so that most Americans will never know hunger.

Other than that, well, there are thousands of advances since 1972 more consequential than a moon walk. But since deGrasse Tyson is now a left-leaning entertainer, he seems to value large and centrally planned technological events over innovations that are both small and useful. Fact is, that at some point not that long ago, we turned our …read more