Sheriff Joe’s Replacement Refers to Illegals as “Guests”

By Josie Rudd


Maricopa County’s new, Soros-owned sheriff says they need to “work with the ‘guests’ who are here in our nation and are pursuing citizenship.” Yes, he called the illegals pouring over our borders, “guests.”

The New American reports – Newly sworn-in Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Paul Penzone, in a January 4 interview with Phoenix TV station ABC 15, referred to illegal aliens as “guests.”

Penzone (shown), who assumed office on January 1 after defeating six-term Sheriff Joe Arpaio in November, said during the interview:

We will need to work with the guests who are here in our nation and are pursuing citizenship and separate that from those who are committing crimes and make sure that we a caring community that is serious about public safety.

While it may not be immediately apparent from this quote that Penzone was referring to illegal aliens when he spoke about “guests,” the ABC 15 reporter who interviewed the new sheriff noted that for “24 years, sheriff Joe Arpaio made no bones about it: illegal is illegal. The new sheriff uses different terms for undocumented immigrants. He calls them ‘guests.’ ”

“Undocumented immigrants” is the popular euphemism for illegal aliens among those who wish to ignore the fact …read more

Source:: Minutemen