SHARIA LAW BEATING Of Woman Captured On Cell Phones By Cheering Crowd…Woman Savagely Lashed With Cane By Masked Men…Screams In Pain Before Collapsing

By 100% FED Up


My Lord these Muslim savages are beyond sick!

A video has emerged of a woman being lashed in public with a cane in footage showing Indonesia’s brutal Sharia law punishment.

The woman can be heard screaming in pain in front of a cheering crowd as she takes her cruel beating before collapsing.
Dozens of civilians can be seen gathering around an elevated stage and film the events on their smartphones.

Dozens of civilians gather around the stage to film the woman being lashed on their phones. Notice the women in the crowd watching the beating.

A masked man, whose identity is kept completely hidden, plays to the crowd by wiggling the cane provocatively near the woman’s back.

He then draws it back and unleashes it across her shoulder blades for an unknown alleged crime.

The smiling faces of the women watching her brutal “punishment” says quite a bit about this backwards culture.

The woman, wearing a white shirt and a salmon-coloured headscarf, winces in pain with every blow.

Between each savage lashing, she reaches back with her hand to try and relieve the agony.


When the man delivers the fifth blow, she collapses in a heap on the stage, to the sound of applause.

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