Seth Rich’s Reddit Account Discovered – Loved Pandas, Patriotic Clothes, And Joe Rogan

By ZeroPointNow

After a private investigator claimed there was proof that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich gave Wikileaks the infamous leaked emails from the 2016 presidential campaign (statements which the PI walked back the following the day) – Reddit and 4chan have been hard at work trying to connect the dots surrounding Rich’s murder.

To that end, a user in Reddit’s ‘the_donald’ forum has found Seth Rich’s Reddit account – ‘MeGrimlock4’ (a Transformers reference) revealing much about the slain DNC staffer. For the most part, Rich seems like a regular guy – into football, dogs, patriotism, riding his bike, fun clothes, and volunteering at the Washington Humane Society.

The link – Seth Rich posts his email address while trying to help get the word out about his parents’ missing dog

His last submitted topic was about patriotic clothes

(jacket, shorts)

Seth loved pandas




Loved Pandas

He was a Joe Rogan fan

He took a picture with Warren Buffet

He believed in the Armenian genocide

He had a guiding quote

Then, Redditor /u/FricasseeingRabbit then found what appears to be a pro-Bernie Sanders alternate twitter account which is very close in spelling to Rich’s primary account.


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Source:: ZeroHedge