Senator Tim Scott Reads His Hate Mail on the Senate Floor (VIDEO)

By Kelly Beasley

Leftist Intolerance is easier to spot than a kangaroo in a dinner jacket, and the Senate Leftists haven’t disappointed.

So On Wednesday evening, black conservative Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) decided to showcase the HATE MAIL he has received for supporting Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL)

Baseless Liberal Vitriol

Public outcry against Scott denigrated the senator based on his race because he supports a nominee that many label a racist. The Full Video reveals some of the Twitter comments that Scott read:

“You are a disgrace to the black race.”
“You are an Uncle Tom Scott. “You’re for Sessions. How does a black man turn on his own?”
“Senator Tim Scott … doesn’t have a shred of honor. He’s a house Negro. He is a complete horror. A big Uncle Tom piece of fertilizer.”

After reading several race-baiting insults, Scott declared,

“I left out all the ones that used the n-word. I just felt like that would not be appropriate.”

The Heart of the Matter

In sharing these angry, racially-charged character attacks, Senator Scott sought to highlight the rampant intolerance offered by too many liberals against conservatives.

“What I’m surprised by, just a smidgeon, is that the Liberal Left that speaks and desires for all of us to …read more

Source:: The Black