Salvaging the Trump promise

By Joseph Farah

I’ll never forget the words Steve Bannon uttered Feb. 23, 2017, just over a month after Donald Trump was sworn in as president.

“Hold us accountable for what we promised,” he said. “Hold us accountable for delivering what we promised.”

I loved that.

I can’t remember any White House senior adviser and strategist ever asking to be held accountable for fulfilling campaign promises.

It gave me hope. I knew Steve Bannon, and I knew he sincerely meant what he said.

But now Steve Bannon is no longer in the White House, and I am left wondering if there is anyone left behind who feels that way.

So, how do we salvage the great promise of Donald Trump’s election as president?

To whom do we turn to hold the White House accountable now?

The election of 2016 brought together a strange new political coalition as well the birth of a new media coalition. It’s how Trump won. He didn’t win because he got the support of the Republican Party; he won in spite of it.

The Trump campaign brought together Americans who had been left out of politics for 30 years – ignored, taken for granted, lied to, used and abused.

They were people whose interests were forgotten because they …read more

Source:: World Net Daily