Rush Limbaugh: Did Russians hack the Oscars?

By Bob Unruh


Talk-radio icon Rush Limbaugh on Monday questioned whether the Russians had hacked the Oscars, because of the television show’s huge mistake in announcing its biggest award of the year, best picture, as “La La Land,” instead of the real winner “Moonlight.”

“I would like to be the first to call for an investigation and an independent special prosecutor to look – they had millions of people around the world watching last night. Can you imagine if you are a ‘La La Land’ fan, can you imagine what they did to you last night?” Limbaugh asked Monday.

“You had everything invested in ‘La La Land’ winning. It was gonna dominate your spirit and feelings of Hollywood and entertainment for the next year. And the cast shows up almost like Hillary showing up to do her acceptance speech and then somebody from an accountant firm pops up and says Warren Beatty blew it.”

Somehow presenter Warren Beatty was given the announcement for the best actress award instead of best picture. The full, and embarrassing, episode played out on live television:

PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the global accounting firm that oversaw the academy voting and handled the award envelopes, issued an apology Monday morning “for the error that was …read more

Source:: World Net Daily