Rowdy GOP Townhalls: Perfect Excuse to Stick with Establishment Agenda

Canard in French means “duck.”

And it seems we have a canard royale brewing here as GOP candidates endure lambastings by angry Americans at local town halls.

Oh, cower, GOPers. Trump’s agenda is so mean!!!!!!


Like Wil E. Coyote who concoted plan after endless plan to catch the Roadrunner, the Globalist cabal — backed by an unholy alliance of both Globalist and Neo-Con dollars — are now aligning to ensure angry protesters attend local town halls.

Shell-shocked GOP snowflake politicians are only too happy to whine about the verbal assault they endured from their “constituents.”

The Reality Part One:

1) Anyone who attends a town hall does so with the goal of complaining to their local rep.

2) We’re gonna go out on a limb and, like all Leftist plans, bet that most of the attendees are paid agitators and some or a good majority of them probably don’t even live in the district.

3) GOPers who are lambasted about repealing Obamacare or Women’s Rights or Trump’s legal and pragmatic travel/visa program from six extremely violent and dangerous countries will conveniently use this as an excuse and evidence to fight the Trump agenda.

The Reality Part Two:

For the entire eight years of the Obama regime, Americans attended GOP townhalls and begged Congressional members to grow a spine and stop collaborating.

Did they listen? F-no!

And so what happened? Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States.

And the GOP, as a result of the Trump Effect, GAINED MORE UNDESERVED POWER!

Instead of cleaning out Congress, duplicitous hacks like Paul Ryan survived primaries and the general election. Traitorous whack jobs such John McCain and Lindsey Graham still populate the halls of power.

And, of course, the usual demonic Democrats in Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Chuckie Schumer, Lizzie Warren, etc. remain.

The only net gain turned out to be the loss of greasy Harry Reid. Heck, one district in Florida traded a RINO in Congressman David Jolly for political carpetbagger Charlie Crist who has been a Democrat, Republican and Independent while also serving as Florida governor, Senator and now Congressman. He is the poster child for CAREER LIMITS, nevermind terms.


If you’re an establishment GOPer, note that NO ONE likes you or is happy for you.

Chances are you are a complete Establishment hack/career Beltway Insider or politician out to protect no one except Numero Uno…you!

And by protecting YOU that means protecting all the people who give you money…and that ain’t the local yokels.

Time and time again, we see our government FAILING TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION.

We have seen Democrats call for ousting of an administration that doesn’t even have a full cabinet and is less than a month into its role.

We have seen calls for violence, destruction of public and private property as well as the assassination of not only the President, but white people, cops and American Patriots overall.

We have George Soros, the Kochs and many other nefarious organizations throwing money around and running Non-Government Organizations to foment discord. We have a freak like David Brock angling to serve as the Media Kingmaker based on Obama’s Christmas Eve budget signature that created the Ministry of Truth.

The word for this sort of stuff is SEDITION and it is punishable by law.

However, when the “Nazi Card” has been played, shutting these organizations down is difficult because it plays into the narrative. It becomes a political Chinese finger trap where the more you struggle, the worse the situation gets.


You give the Left a dose of its own medicine.

“Elections have consquences, we’re in control now. Deal with it.”

That’s what Obama and Pelosi said and Ryan and McConnell shrugged and offered along with their “we only have one half of one-third of the branches” shtick.

If you’re a patriot, make sure you’re at your local townhall to shutdown the phoney protesters and make sure your rep keeps the story straight.