RNC Security Thwarted Russian Hacking Attempts

By Charlie Hoffmann

Internal security measures used by the Republican National Committee blocked Russian hackers from penetrating the organization’s computer networks with phishing emails, keeping the RNC from being susceptible to the same types of techniques employed to hack the Democratic National Committee.

U.S. officials briefed on the matter said that Russian intelligence tried to gain access to the RNC’s system but failed, unlike the DNC where hackers successfully breached its networks, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

An email filter meant to detect spam and potentially malicious traffic flagged the phishing emails sent by hackers before they reached their intended recipient. U.S. officials said that the methods utilized to target RNC officials were much less aggressive than those used against the DNC.

The news comes amid a national debate over the role of Russian influences on election-related hacks, the Journal noted.

The Central Intelligence Agency has concluded that Russian hackers, whom analysts say work for that country’s military and intelligence apparatus, stole emails from the DNC, as well as another Democratic organization and the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, to harm her candidacy and boost Republican Donald Trump’s chances of winning. Russia has denied the allegations.

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Source:: Washington Free Beacon