Ready to move to ‘Red State Land’?

By Pat McLene


So you had a great Easter weekend. The family was all together in one of those rare moments and you all went off to church to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Sure, that new pastor took the opportunity to exhort the congregation to be more welcoming of a recently arrived busload of illegal aliens that’s being sponsored by the church. And yes, much of the sermon she gave seemed to call into question whether Christ really rose from the grave.

But now it’s a new week, and it’s back to work. Unfortunately, you’ve just heard on the radio that I-97 has been shut down by a seven-car pileup, which means your 30-minute commute has now been extended to an hour and a half. No surprise. It seems like it’s an every-other-day occurrence. And yes, just before you left for work, your 7-year-old daughter announced that from now on she wants to be recognized as a boy. It seems that the previous week, her trans-teacher conducted a class exercise where she randomly reassigned each child with one of the current (state-approved) 27 genders. As you run to your car, you think to yourself, “Well, at least her new gender is old-school.”

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Source:: World Net Daily